Choose driving lessons with us! Helping students to drive across Nottingham

We know how important learning to drive is to you, this is why from the moment you meet your driving instructor we will use our years of experience to judge what level of training is needed for you based on your knowledge and ability.

When learning to drive, the relationship between the driving instructor and the pupil is extremely important as this is the person who will guide you through to your test.

This is why on your driving lessons we make sure a very good relationship is built and established. This means you'll feel comfortable and able to learn to the best of your abilities.

Standard Driving Lessons

Our standard driving lessons are for everyone looking to start driving. These lessons will cover all parts of driving from your very first day behind the wheel to the day that you celebrate after passing your test. We will teach you and help with your learning every step of the way to get you to pass your test. Our lessons contain every part of the practical test and help with the Theory test. We believe in delivering the whole service at Accelerate Driving School.

Our standard driving lessons will help with:

  • Getting properly prepared for your theory test, offering all the appropriate help and advice.
  • Preparing fully as well as efficiently for your practical driving test during properly structured driving lessons.
  • Being ready for a lifetime of safe driving after you have passed your test
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